不错哦 6.8



  • 环境和清洁度 6.1
  • 设施 7.5
  • 位置 7.3
  • 客房舒适度 6.7
  • 服务 7.0
  • 性价比 7.4
  • 餐饮 6.5

Gabrielle T.
The beach, bar and pool right behind it was nice
I was highly disappointed. If they hadn't been all booked, I was going to change hotels. There was mold, bugs and the moisture in the room was so bad you could feel it on the linens, your clothes everything. The bathroom grout was moldy and looked like it was slapped on there when the grout was filled. I won't be staying there again.

Robert W.
Dirtiest Hotel I Have Ever Stayed In!!!
Location - Nothing else good about this hotel I have stayed in hundreds of hotels, and this hotel was the dirtiest, nastiest, most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed in. When I walked into my room, the first thing that hit me was the smell of mildew and the dirty carpets. As I shut the door, the security latch on the door fell off. The hotel had drilled so many holes on that area of the door, there was nowhere left to secure the safety latch. Every item in the room looked like it had not been dusted in months. The coffee/tea makers original color was white, but now dark grey because of dirt. The ceiling around the air conditioner vent had mold growing in a 2ft by 6ft area. The comforters were extremely stained, and looked like they had not been washed in years. The pillows were also stained. The sheets were holey, stained, and stunk horribly of mildew. The bathroom took the prize for most disgusting. There was mold growing everywhere in the bathroom. The floors looked like they have not been truly swept or mopped in months. There were at least 20-30 hairs in the shower, and the toilet was still dirty The walls of the restroom were extremely stained as well. I complained to the desk, and they could not move me rooms because they were completely booked. I could not move hotels and be refunded because I prepaid. The sad thing is the hotel staff said they receive these type of complaints daily, but the owner will not do anything to fix the problems. My first night, I had to buy Clorox wipes, Lysol bathroom cleaner, two pillows, sheet set, and a coffee maker to comfortably stay in the room. It took me a couple hours to thoroughly clean the room. The only thing I could not clean was the carpet, so I kept socks on while in the room. Also, I requested an iron since the room did not come with one. They brought me a black, tar stained iron. This hotel shLocation - Nothing else good about this hotelould not be offered

Timothy G.
dirty and old.
The rooms smelled of mold. The box springs were broken in the first room that we were given. The next room that they put us in had a king size bed, so they said...what a joke! It was two twins put together and they weren't even the same height. The towels and sheets were so worn, that there holes in them. The shower curtain had a lot of mold on it, and the faucet in the tub was ready to fall off. The cups that they provided were dirty. Nice coffee maker, but no coffee was provided. So i guess the coffee maker was there for decoration. The room was supposed to have a garden view...more like parking lot view. This place was supposedly renovated three years ago, I'd like to know what was renovated. It sure wasn't the rooms! If you're going to stay here, buy a can of raid to get rid of the roaches! Spend the extra money and go somewhere else. The only nice thing i can say is that the staff was nice.

Ka C.
Little far
Price is cheap, free wi-fi, located at the coast of the beach
1st impression was an old hotel, but the air conditioning of the room is very cold, which means the conditions of the hotel are still ok. There is free wi-fi, but you always need to login again when you use the device. In hotel there is a beach restaurant and the food is good and cheap specially the beef steak! With the nice beach view at night, you will have a wonderful night and dinner. So, the price matchs with the service.

Celia P.
Santa Fail
1. The infinity pool/ocean access and view

Jeongju L.
probably best you could get at this price
friendly staff, reasonable price, nice pool
1. everyone was very friendly and helpful except for the room maids. they didn't refill towels three nights in a row, and we had to call the front desk every time. it was very inconvenient. 2. it is not clean. carpet smells bad and it's full of dust. i freaked when we found two lovely roaches going through our stuff. we had to make sure there weren't any in our luggage before we checked out. it was not very pleasant. kettle doesn't seem so clean, either. we used it after boiling water but i still wasn't sure if it was good enough to clean it. 3. pool's very nice. we spent almost everyday on beaches but we always came back to the pool after sundown. view's absolutely beautiful. we tried to swim/snorkel on the beach right there, but water's not so clear. they have better beaches on guam. i suggest you spend more time on them. overall, it was very okay. not so good, not so bad. i wouldn't say i'd like to go back, but the price is temptingly good. people told me hotels in guam are usually very old and not absolutely clean, so i guess this is probably the best you could get for this money.

Poor Staff Qualtiy
Good ocean view
Everything is poor except the ocean view. For example: 1. The food left by previous guest was not disposed of, it was left in the microwave oven and fridge. 2. Staff unfriendly especially the reception staff. 3. Staff unhelpful, even they promised to take towel & cleansing facilities to your room, you have to wait for a long time with repeat asking. Besides, the extra bed was too soft for my kids, I have to solve the problem by myself. 4. The room was dirty, with bad smell. 5. Security problem, the door lock was out of order, the safety box easily out of order because running out of battery.

Frida D.
Not pleasant
When I checked in (early check-in 5:3-a.m.)they didn't have my booking. However, was able to check-in and paid early check-in fee. The room I was given smelled so bad (carpet was so old and seems like have not been cleaned for years, need to get rid of those filthy carpets), that I developed real bad allergies the next day and was too tired to change the room until the next morning. However, checked out that evening cause was too disappointed with the whole experience. Will not be making any bookings to the hotel any time soon.

nice & chill
quiet, resonable and simple
by the beach not so crowded and quiet.

Rhodora L.
Felt like home!
Beautiful view, very friendly staff, accessible by shuttle
We had a wonderful time at the hotel. The staff were very friendly, very helpful and very accommodating! The beach during sunset as seen from our room was so breathtaking! We had a most relaxing five-day stay at Santa Fe!